snow-and-arches-in-utah moab 2019 trip flyer

Moab, Utah 2019 Trip

Here at Doberman Racing we love putting together offroading events & adventure trips.

We are looking to put together a trip to Moab, Utah sometime between August-October of 2019.

Our convoy out will start in NJ. This trip is ~2,000 miles/30 hours each way. Before we get set on a specific date we need to gather some information from anyone that would like to attend.

The drive can be completed in 2 or 3 days. I have driven 16 hour days and it’s a bit rough but doable. If we extend the drive to 3 days it will be much more relaxed and comfortable. Then the question is do we spend 3 or 4 days in Moab.

As we have day jobs ourselves we understand the difficulty taking off for an extended period of time and so we need to know what is more realistic for you to attend.

7 Day trip – 2 days to drive out, 3 days to wheel, and 2 days back.
8 Day trip – 2 days to drive out, 4 days to wheel, and 2 days back.
9 Day trip – 3 days to drive out, 3 days to wheel, and 3 days back.
10 Day trip – 3 days to drive out, 4 days to wheel, and 3 days back.

Due to how hot it can get during the summer months we are looking at a date between late August until the end of October.

If you would like to attend and are serious about coming with us comment on our facebook post here or vote on the poll in our group chat here what month works best (e.g. early september, late October, etc) and how many days you can get off from your responsibilities (Work, School, Kids, etc).

Depending on the response we would like to offer two groups. A stock to mild group, and an advanced group so everyone will be welcome. Even if you’ve never been offroad before.

We do have a set of requirements for your vehicle in order to be able to attend.

You MUST have:

Front AND rear recovery points (hitch, tow hooks, d-ring mounts, etc)

For the advanced group you MUST have the above plus

35″ or larger tires 1 or more lockers.

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