Jeep Liberty – Adjustable Lower Rear Control Arms – 7075 Aluminum


These will be a direct bolt in for a 2002 – 2012 Jeep Liberty. They work with stock height up to 4″ lift. They will work better than the stock control arms over 4″ but we suggest switching to a long arm setup over 4″ of lift. To determine how much lift you have measure from the center of your wheel to the bottom of your fender flair.

For 2002-2007 Liberty: Factory height is 19″.
For 2008-2012 Liberty: Factory height is 18″.

Please Note: These are all hand built and may take 5-14 days to fabricate before shipping. If you need them sooner please contact us and we will see if we can get them to you a bit quicker.



Doberman Racing’s Jeep Liberty lower rear controls arms combined with the Barnes 4WD Enduro:

  • 7075, often referred to as “memory material,” allows itself to bend and then spring back into its regular shape. This makes it the best choice of material for building suspension links. They are stronger than DOM links and harder to bend. If you are tired of bending steel links on your suspension, then give these a shot and you’ll never go back.
  • Aluminum will never rust and doesn’t need to be painted
  • The Enduro & Forged Poly joints offer more flex than any other control arm available for the KJ/KK Liberty
  • Are the strongest control arms on the market.
  • Can be rebuilt without needing to replace the entire joint.
  • Fully adjustable without needing to be removed or unbolted from the Jeep.
  • Greasable via zerk fitting
  • Reduce the transfer of road noise (NVH) into the cabin compared to a heim joint.
  • 1″ longer thread for more adjustment compared to heim joints on the market

These Jeep Liberty control arms are made from solid 2.25″ 7075 aluminum and you have the option of selecting between a few different set ups. They will replace the lower control arms connecting your rear axle. You may select between a Barnes4WD Enduro Joint and a Forged Poly Joint.

Both joint options come with a 1.25″ thick shank and 9/16″ bolt hole. These joints on our control arms will improve your rear suspension flex dramatically. Your vehicle will feel more stable and planted. Especially if your current control arm bushings are worn out.

Enduro Joint

When Barnes 4WD designed the rebuild-able Enduro suspension joint we combined the best materials, the best manufacturing processes and the best steel and polyurethane treatments available all in one joint. The body of the Enduro Joint is Forged 4140 heat treated Chromoly steel. We did not try to cut any corners by making a short threaded shank like a heim joint instead we give you 4.75 of 1.25-12 threaded shank. That is over two inches longer than 1.25 heims on the market. The Enduro Joint s ball is made from 52100 bearing steel and incorporates the high misalignment spacers all into one piece of steel. The spherical bearing is then Hard Chrome plated to provide an ultra smooth surface and has proven to provide excellent corrosion protection. The mounting width of the Enduro Joint is 2 5/8 and accepts a 9/16 bolt. The cups that the spherical bearing rides on are an 88 durometer polyurethane that ensures maximum life, no squeaks like heim joints and they help to dampen axle vibrations felt through the chassis. The body of the joint is gold zinc plated to ensure that the Enduro Joint looks great for the life of the joint. Joints will need to be greased before installation.

Forged Poly Joint

They are forged from one piece of 1045 steel, making them much stronger than other inferior joint designs that have the threaded shank welded on. A yellow zinc plating is applied to help prevent corrosion, the inner sleeve has the same coating and is a one piece machined design, not a rolled piece of uncoated steel like most polyurethane joints include. A grease fitting has been integrated to make lubrication an effortless task. These joints are perfect to use on the frame end of your suspension links to help stop the transmission of vibration into the passenger compartment.


Did you lift your liberty and are now having difficulty getting a proper pinion angle? These rear lower links are fully adjustable allowing you to dial in the perfect pinion angle for your rear drive shaft. This will reduce vibrations and increase the life of your u-joints.

Have your OEM control arms rusted apart or have you worn out the cheap rubber bushings they come with? These are fully rebuildable so if you manage to wear out the joints you can purchase a rebuild kit from us.

Yours will come painted black. Other colors available for an additional charge. If you would like to paint them yourselves just let us know and we will ship them bare.

Please Note: These are all hand built to order and may take 5-7 business days to fabricate before shipping. If you need them sooner please contact us and we will see if we can get them to you a bit quicker.

These will be a direct bolt in for a 2002 – 2012 Jeep Liberty. A wheel alignment is highly suggested after installation. We also recommend having these installed by a professional. Modifying your vehicles suspension may alter the handling of your vehicle. Buyer must verify that these parts conform to all applicable laws for on-road use. No refunds due to the custom fabrication required.

Additional information

Weight 30 lbs
Dimensions 15 × 12 × 10 in
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